Which outdoor air conditioner cover to choose? Advantages and disadvantages of the different solutions

You are an individual or an installer and you have a lot of questions about the best way to hide an outdoor air conditioner.

You are looking for informed opinions and comparisons on the different models: air conditioning cover with louvers or holes, wooden furniture, aluminum or fabric cover ... the choice is certainly vast.

But be careful because not all models are created equal.

Depending on where the outdoor air conditioning unit is placed, its dimensions and your objectives (decoration, protection, sound insulation, etc.), we help you identify the advantages and disadvantages of the different solutions to find the best one for your installation. .

fabric cover Or comparative air conditioning cover box

Fabric cover or air conditioning cover: what is the best protection for an outdoor air conditioner?

The answer here is clear: it depends on your goal!

If you are simply looking to protect your air conditioner from dust during the winter, when you are not using it, then the fabric cover is an economical solution.
On the other hand, keep in mind that you must always remove the fabric cover when you turn on the air conditioning because the cover does not allow air to pass through.

However, to operate the air conditioner needs large ventilation, otherwise the air is not renewed, the device overheats, it over-consumes, under-performs, and you very quickly risk compromising the life of the air conditioner or of the heat pump.
So if you are looking for equipment that can hide the view of the outdoor air conditioner, protect it and soundproof it while it is working, then you have no choice but to opt for a real louvered cabinet. , in wood or metal , designed to camouflage and protect the outdoor air conditioner all year round, even when it is running.

louvered or perforated air conditioning cover notice

Comparison between the air conditioning cover with louvers, the air conditioning cover with holes, and the air conditioning cover with planter

The air conditioning cover with integrated planter on top of the furniture may seem like a good idea. We take advantage of the installation of an air conditioning cabinet to kill two birds with one stone and grow some pretty flowers.

Unfortunately, this is a bad idea.

Indeed, the planter located on the top of the device will prevent the circulation of air upwards.

However, as we have explained, it is absolutely necessary to allow perfect air circulation all around the outdoor air conditioning unit or the heat pump, otherwise it cannot operate correctly, the device will overheating, over-consuming, poorly cooling the habitat and ultimately probably breaking down prematurely.

It is exactly the same problem that we encounter on formwork whose openings are only holes drilled in the furniture. Certainly their price is not expensive, because the holes are made by laser, but these air conditioner covers with holes do not let in and out at all enough air for the air conditioner to operate normally.

The only efficient solution is actually the louvered box because the orientation of its louvers allows to hide the view of the air conditioner while offering large openings to circulate the air all around the device.

notice wood or aluminum air conditioning cover

Which material to prefer for its air conditioner cover: wood or metal (steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.) what are the differences?

We have talked about the case of fabric covers, the use of which remains frankly limited due to the lack of ventilation, now let's see what are the different possible materials for a real louvered cabinet designed to hide and shelter outdoor air conditioners in all seasons. , their advantages and disadvantages.

Wooden air conditioning cover:

The advantage of the wooden air conditioning cover is first of all aesthetic. It naturally blends into the decoration of your outdoor spaces, especially when the air conditioning is placed in a garden or among the vegetation.

But be careful to choose quality wood, designed for the outdoors (eucalyptus wood) and treated accordingly. It is indeed necessary to choose a piece of furniture which will resist the rays of the sun (anti-UV treatment) as well as the rain (rot-proof wood of category 4) if you want it to remain beautiful for a long time.

Moreover, if you are looking for a specific color to match it perfectly with your decor, it is generally possible to paint or stain the wooden air conditioning cover to obtain an exactly tailor-made color.

Finally, wood is an environmentally friendly material as long as you choose a wooden air conditioning cover from sustainably managed forests (FSC certified)

Metal air conditioning cover:

The metal air conditioning cover offers exceptional longevity, a modern aesthetic rendering, and you can find metal air conditioning covers in grey, white or any other color. But here again, if you prefer the contemporary look of metal, be careful to choose a quality material, designed not to rust in the rain and not to chip.

The most qualitative metals and the most suitable for outdoor conditions are thus without doubt aluminum and stainless steel. A quality air conditioning cover will therefore generally offer a 100% aluminum structure and 100% stainless steel screws because this alliance makes it possible to combine both robustness, resistance to the vagaries of the weather and the saline atmospheres of the seaside, while being light enough to hang and handle easily.

The warranty can be a good indicator of reliability here because manufacturers of quality aluminum air conditioning covers generally guarantee their aluminum products for 10 years since they are sure of their lifespan.

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Location: which air conditioning cover should I choose if my air conditioner is placed on a balcony or terrace?

If the outdoor air conditioning unit is located on a terrace or balcony, consider before buying the different faces of the air conditioner that will be important to hide. Some air conditioner covers only hide 3 sides, which can be a problem in some cases.

Fortunately, be aware that there are air conditioning covers that cover all sides of the device so as to make it completely disappear from the landscape.

This can also be a very interesting argument if you have to convince a trustee, a town hall or a reluctant condominium to the idea of degrading the view of the facade.

Location: which air conditioning cover should I choose if my air conditioner is placed on the front, hung under a window or hung on the wall high up?

If the exterior air conditioning block is hung under a window or hung on the wall of the high facade, then you must not forget to also hide the underside of the device, otherwise you risk seeing the unsightly device when you look up. .

Again, there are forms that also dress the underside of the air conditioning for all sizes of device.

suspended air conditioning cover

Location: which air conditioning cover to choose if my air conditioner is located in the garden or in the middle of a courtyard?

If the outdoor air conditioning unit is located in the middle of the garden or courtyard, it may be important to choose a model designed to cover the 4 sides of the unit and thus protect it as much as possible from the games of children, animals, even vandalism.

Furthermore, if the air conditioner is located in an interior courtyard, it is recommended to opt for a model that will not only camouflage the device but also soundproof it in order to reduce noise pollution in the courtyard (which tends to sound box).

See the article on insulating boxes for outdoor air conditioners and all the solutions to soundproof it

Dimensions: small or large, how to find the air conditioning block cover adapted to the dimensions of your outdoor air conditioning unit?

In the case of a large air conditioning or heat pump installation, with imposing dimensions (high, wide and/or deep), be aware that there are very large XL air conditioner covers . In addition, some manufacturers have designed furniture whose dimensions are adjustable, and air conditioning covers that are superimposed or simply juxtaposed to adapt to all configurations.

This is the case of the Decoclim specialist. To find the most suitable air conditioning cover or heat pump cover, simply enter the dimensions of the installation to be covered in the simulator located just below the main menu of the site. You enter maximum height, width and depth, and the simulator then instantly indicates the most fitted Decoclim air conditioner cover.

Noise, view… which air conditioner cover to recommend to convince the co-ownership, the trustee or the neighbors, of the installation of an air conditioning

It is not always easy to convince the architect of the copro to install air conditioning, and neighbors who complain about noise or visual nuisance generated by air conditioners are not uncommon.

To appease everyone, it is recommended to buy an air conditioner cover able to camouflage the device nicely but also to act as an anti-noise insulating box , to reduce the noise pollution caused by the motor and the fan of the air conditioning devices. (See our full article on the subject below).

The most efficient air conditioner covers in terms of sound insulation can reduce noise by up to 30%. An advantage not to be overlooked for all sensitive ears.

The opinion of air conditioning specialists on outdoor air conditioner covers and the points not to be overlooked when buying an air conditioning cover

The price differences on the boxes for air conditioners often hide disadvantages that should not be underestimated, whether on the quality of the product itself or on the services that accompany it. To avoid a bad surprise, check well before buying:

  • Costs and delivery times (the cheapest products often arrive from afar, sometimes take several weeks to arrive, and the cost of delivery can considerably increase the bill when other air conditioning covers are delivered free of charge within 24 hours)
  • The return policy (products that come from afar are also complicated and expensive to return)
  • The speed of assembly and the ease of disassembly (you must be able to easily access the air conditioning unit for its annual maintenance)
  • The warranty (a 10-year manufacturer's warranty is a good indicator of the quality/reliability of the air conditioner cover)
  • Customer service (because it's still better to be able to talk to someone when needed)

The Decoclim outdoor air conditioner cover has been recommended for years by air conditioning professionals and the opinions of private individuals who have installed it confirm it: it brings together all the guarantees necessary for an efficient installation.

And if you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service, which can be reached by email or by telephone every day of the week at 09 72 60 95 63.