DECOCLIM accessories to perfectly hide your air conditioning or your heat pump whatever the configuration of your installation

For certain specific air conditioning or heat pump installations, you may need to use accessories with your DECOCLIM.
These accessories have been designed to meet all the specific scenarios that you may encounter when installing your DECOCLIM.


accessoires pour ajuster la taille du cache clim

In some cases, the height or depth measured on the installation of your air conditioning block exceeds by a few cm. Until now, it was necessary to move to the larger size of DECOCLIM Wood (for DECOCLIM Aluminum the depth is already adjustable as standard up to 10cm).

With the DECOCLIM Wood extension kit, it's no longer necessary!

The kit allows you to increase the depth or height allowed for your wooden DECOCLIM by 10cm. You can choose the most suitable size for your installation and thus obtain an optimal compact installation.

The DECOCLIM extension kit is compatible with the 3 sizes of DECOCLIM Wood (SML).

With 2 extension kits you can increase the depth and the height on the same DECOCLIM.

The underside

Wooden air conditioning cover

When your air conditioning unit is suspended at a height and installed against a wall, it is sometimes necessary, to improve the aesthetics of your facade, to hide the bottom of your installation.

The underside is the accessory you need!

Available in 3 sizes (SML) and in 3 finishes (Wood, White aluminium, Anthracite aluminium), the underside is fully compatible with your DECOCLIM and can be assembled in a few minutes.

When the underside is installed on your DECOCLIM, you can only install one extension kit, if necessary, on the depth.

You can also order your DECOCLIM directly with its underside with our DECOCLIM + underside pack.

The back side

profondeur cache clim adaptée

In many installations, the air conditioning units are installed against a wall. It happens, however, in some cases, that the air conditioning unit or the heat pump is installed in the middle of an alley, a garden, a course or at the edge of a swimming pool. The rear face of your air conditioning unit is visible in this case.

So you need the back side!

The rear panel is available in 3 sizes (SML) and in 3 finishes (Wood, White Aluminum and Gray Aluminum) and adapts easily and perfectly to your DECOCLIM.

Note that when the rear face is installed on your DECOCLIM Wood, you can only install one kit of wooden extensions, if necessary, on the height (feet of the DECOCLIM).

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