The unsightly side of air conditioning or heat pump dissuades some people from equipping themselves

DECOCLIM® is the solution!

DECOCLIM®, the ideal compromise

Ready to fit and easy to install, DECOCLIM® is the ideal compromise between aesthetics and respect for the air flow necessary for the proper functioning of the device. DECOCLIM® protects your installation. Designed in exotic wood for its durability outdoors, DECOCLIM® blends in as well as possible with each environment.

10 years of experience

With more than 10 years of experience in woodworking, our know-how in this field has enabled us to develop an efficient and qualitative product. Anxious to make you benefit from the best quality, DECOCLIM® has been studied and developed in close collaboration with air conditioning professionals, it thus provides a real answer to the problems of concealment and air conditioning and heat pump.

Why choose DECOCLIM® for you professional?

  • to hide/beautify outdoor air conditioning units and heat pumps
  • reduce noise pollution
  • its design respects the air flow necessary for the proper functioning of the unit
  • installation projects finally granted by condominiums or municipalities
  • protects the installation from bad weather, vandalism or possible domestic incidents
  • the customer is more willing to accept the installation of the outdoor unit in a place that is sometimes more convenient for the installer
  • brings added value when selling an air conditioner or heat pump.

The DECOCLIM® advantages

  • is world in 5 minutes and adapts to any support
  • exists in 3 sizes to cover all brands on the market
  • modular, DECOCLIM® is therefore suitable for any type of installation: on the ground, against a wall/façade. It is also stackable
  • it can also be installed on existing installations
  • its exotic wood design makes it a resistant product outdoors and maintenance free
  • can also be painted or stained
  • very simply withdraws during the maintenance of the group.

Where to find DECOCLIM®?

  • on this online sales site
  • on request you can obtain the professional prices
  • we ensure deliveries within 24h/48h to the address of your choice (France & Corsica)
  • DECOCLIM® offers you telephone support for any questions
  • DECOCLIM® is also available from your distributor