Georges Nicolini, Alpha Synergie company, HVAC installer in Toulon (83): “Decoclim® prevents the customer from being overly impressed by the outdoor unit”.

Avis professionnel cache climatiseur extérieur

Established in Toulon since 1996, Alpha Synergie specializes in the installation of air conditioning and heat pumps. With the four companions who accompany him, his manager, Georges Nicolini offer a quality service, with recognized products and neat finishes. To meet the demand of its customers wishing to hide outdoor units, it has been offering Decoclim® products for several years with great satisfaction.

How do you offer Decoclim® to your customers?

We have been using Decoclim® products for 3 or 4 years now. We regularly offer them to our customers. It is when the outdoor unit is installed that we introduce them to the Decoclim® air conditioning cover. We explain to them that in this way we can hide the outer unit. Faced with the problem, they are delighted to have this solution.

What are the advantages of Decoclim® for you as an installer?

For us, as installers, this allows us to offer really interesting packaging. This prevents the end customer from being too impressed by the size of the outdoor groups which can sometimes seem really imposing. It happens that the request comes directly from the customer and the fact of having this product in our offer allows us to be perfectly responsive with a quality solution. This is the logical continuation of our offer. For us, it is a real satisfaction. Recently, we have equipped around twenty homes but also an Ehpad. We sell a lot of Decoclim® for villas but also for condominiums. Regarding the installation of the air conditioning cover, there is no particular problem. The product is well suited for installation, for all types of outdoor units regardless of brand.

What are Decoclim®'s arguments for the end customer?

For our customers, it is generally the aesthetic interest of the Decoclim® air conditioner cover that is the major argument. When they see the outdoor unit installed on their facade or their terrace, they are often very impressed by its imposing and unattractive character. With Decoclim®, they understand very quickly that we will be able to intervene on this aspect and adapt the installation. We sell the wooden model a lot, especially for villas. This model offers a very discreet and harmonious rendering. We also sell some models in white aluminum but rather for buildings. The advantage of the product for our customers is also the possibility offered to protect the outdoor unit of their air conditioning. At the time of maintenance, the cover comes off like a painting. We take this opportunity to dust it off a bit. For us and for the end customer, Decoclim® is a product that really holds up!


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