How to hide your heat pump? Ideas, solutions, advice and DIY

Why hide your heat pump?

The heat pump makes it possible to heat the temperature of a room or the water of its swimming pool by realizing significant energy savings.

Unfortunately, the heat pump also has some disadvantages that it is better to have in mind to better prepare for it.

In particular, the outdoor unit of the heat pump often comes, depending on where it is placed, to spoil the view of the garden, the terrace or the swimming pool.

To avoid this visual nuisance , but also to secure or protect their heat pump, there are various possible solutions.

Depending on the size and location of the heat pump, the constraints are not the same. The budget and the simplicity of implementation also vary greatly from one solution to another.
So we help you make the right choice.

how to hide a heat pump

Caution if you intend to hide your PAC

Before rushing headlong to hide your heat pump under the first blanket you come across, read these lines!


To operate, a heat pump needs perfect ventilation of the air around it. This allows it to effectively regulate its temperature. So avoid at all costs solutions that prevent air from circulating around the heat pump and evacuating as this would affect its performance and efficiency.


If you are looking to hide the outdoor unit of your heat pump, naturally also choose a cover capable of withstanding the vagaries of the weather for a lasting solution (sun, wind, rain, snow, salty air if you live by the sea…)


Also be aware that you must prevent leaves or branches from entering the device as they could cause malfunctions or even breakdowns in the heat pump.


A heat pump is a device that requires regular maintenance and it must be possible to access the device to carry out its maintenance or carry out repairs if necessary. Your cache system must therefore be mobile, not too heavy to handle, or at least provide access from one side.


Depending on the size of your installation, its location (house, building, garden, swimming pool, seaside, etc.), depending on your budget or your DIY skills, certain solutions will be more or less appropriate for you. Be pragmatic, the good solution of the neighbor is not necessarily the best for you!

A special heat pump cover

To be sure not to make a mistake, the most practical and compact solution is of course to buy heat pump casing from a specialist manufacturer.

A good heat pump box should have shutters to hide the view of the heat pump while allowing air to circulate through the large openings.

On the other hand, avoid chests that are only pierced with holes. Less expensive to produce, these openings do not allow sufficient air circulation around the device, which may affect its performance and lifespan.

In addition to elegantly covering the outdoor unit of the heat pump, these casings also reduce the noise pollution generated by the device, and protect it to increase the life of your heat pump.

formwork heat pump cover with shutters

A screen to make the CAP disappear

If you have no space constraints, you can also opt for an elegantly designed screen. But be careful to provide access to the device for maintenance.
cache pac deco
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Sunshade curtain to hide the heat pump on the terrace

You can also divert the use of a sun visor to use it to hide the view of the heat pump located on your balcony or terrace.

heat pump cover on terrace
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A screen to hide the heat pump

Easier to install, perfectly mobile, but less stable in the wind, you can also opt for the installation of a screen. However, provide a screen adapted to outdoor conditions for a relatively long-lasting installation.

cheap heat pump cover
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A design object in front of the heat pump

If you are a fan of decoration, you can also hide your heat pump behind a design cover like this one. Wow effect guaranteed!

Design Deco heat pump cover

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Hide the heat pump located on the balcony or terrace behind a planter

Slightly high bins and you're done!
But be careful to choose the right plants. Depending on the season, some plants lose their leaves and risk showing the heat pump. It is also necessary to prevent the leaves from entering the heat pump as they could affect its operation. Finally, don't forget that you must be able to access the device if necessary, which can be complicated if you have to move bins weighed down by kilos of earth, for example.
cache heat pump on balcony terrace

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A hedge to hide the heat pump

If your heat pump is placed in the garden, you can also hide it behind a hedge of trees or shrubs. But as explained just above, choose the type of plants carefully.
cache pac in the garden

A palisade to hide the heat pump

A solution that you can make yourself if you are a bit of a handyman. But above all, keep climbing plants at a safe distance...(read the precautions in the intro)
hide pac house

DIY Pac Cover Tutorial

Recycle a shutter in a romantic heat pump cache

You can find them on resale and second-hand sites at low prices. Afterwards, either sand it and repaint it, or leave it in its own juice for a vintage decor, it's up to you! Just make sure it's wide enough to hide your heat pump. And think of a fixing to prevent a gust of wind from knocking it down.

vintage recycled pump cover

Divert a trellis to transform it into a hanging garden… heat pump cover

Certainly you will have to take out the tool kit for an installation that holds, but it is a solution that has the merit of doing double duty!
Cheap DIY cap cover


Green wall Privacy screen

In the series of bucolic heat pump covers, you can also design a green wall that will act as a view screen. It is in particular a solution that can be interesting for hiding heat pumps in the common areas of a condominium.
Condominium heat pump cover

Screen barriers to hide large heat pump installations

If you have very large heat pumps, or several appliances to camouflage in the garden, it is possible to install barriers that will allow you to hide a large surface, whether in width or height depending on the case.[/ vc_column_text]

Make a homemade heat pump cover with wooden pallets

If you don't have a budget but you are good with your hands and a little equipped, you can try making an enclosure with wooden pallets to hide your heat pump without spending anything! But here too, don't forget to provide wide openings to allow air to pass through, and easy access to the device.

make wood heat pump cover

Formwork to hide the heat pump suspended on the facade of the wall:

If the heat pump is hung on the wall then things get complicated. It is indeed necessary to plan to hide not only the view of the sides of the heat pump, but also... the underside of the device since it is placed in height!
In addition, be very attentive to the fixing system because it is obviously necessary to ensure that the cover does not come off.
If it is possible to make your own homemade heat pump cover, we cannot recommend too strongly that you rely on a quality manufacturer like Decoclim for this type of arrangement so that it equips you with a solid but light cover, and well hung while remaining removable.

heat pump cover suspended in height

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