Since 2013, DECOCLIM® has been designing and marketing professional covers for outdoor air conditioners and heat pumps!

The idea was born from William Danizet, then an outdoor furniture professional. One of his clients, owner of a villa on the Côte d'Azur, wanted to find a solution to hide the outdoor unit in his garden. The future founder of DECOCLIM® was then the first to have the idea of offering a standard outdoor air conditioning cover solution, easy to install and suitable for all possible configurations.

He sees in this innovation the opportunity of a future market and creates his company in 2013,
convinced of its potential. First in wood, DECOCLIM® products are now available in
different colors and materials, and adaptable to all outdoor units.

A product designed for climate engineering professionals!

Since the creation of the company, we wanted to position ourselves as a real partner with installers of heat pumps and air conditioning. Indeed, DECOCLIM® is a real installation assistance tool for professionals. Reassured about the aesthetic result, the end customer will be better able to install his outdoor unit as close as possible to the connection with the indoor unit. The installation will therefore be simpler and less expensive for the professional, who does not have to make additional connections to move the outdoor unit away.

To do this DECOCLIM® was designed in close collaboration with professionals in the sector. Everything has been thought out to respect the performance and the air flow necessary for the proper functioning of the device thanks to the louvered blades and the 7 cm hook at the back.

We know the requirements of professionals, which is why we guarantee great responsiveness and ease of delivery to provide products to construction companies as quickly as possible, with a guaranteed delivery service in 24/48 hours, in large quantities.
In direct contact with installers on a daily basis, we are very attentive to their feedback and are committed to a process of continuous improvement of our products in order to make them ever easier to install and use.

A pioneer on the market, DECOCLIM® is today the leader in air conditioner and heat pump covers for outdoor units.

Here is our team:

William Danizet,
Founder and director of the company DECOCLIM®

William Danizet, Fondateur et dirigeant de l’entreprise DECOCLIM®

Andre Castela,
Financial director

André Castela, Directeur financier

Alice Royer,
Executive Assistant

Alice Royer, Assistante de direction

Morgan Vallier,
Technical sales manager

Morgan Vallier, Responsable technico-commercial

Kevin Vaesen,
Logistical assistant

Kévin Vaesen, Assistant logistique

Lola Bevilacqua,
Communication Manager

Lola Bevilacqua, Responsable communication