Air conditioning offers incomparable comfort in any season in the house, but it often goes hand in hand with disadvantages that can put off, in particular at the aesthetic and sound level. So, are there any solutions for installing an air conditioner without disfiguring its facade or terrace? Are there insulating casings to benefit from air conditioning without being disturbed by noise? And how do you convince the copro or appease the neighbors who often take a dim view of installing an air conditioning unit? We explain everything to you, and above all we give you the trick to take advantage of the advantages of air conditioning without your pleasure being spoiled by its disadvantages.

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outdoor air conditioning

Outdoor air conditioning units rejecting heat outside


Operating principles of air conditioning

Like a refrigerator or a heat pump, the air conditioner operates on the principle of heat displacement. Thus, to cool a room, it does not produce cold strictly speaking. In fact, thanks to its refrigerant, it removes the heat from the room to move it outside!
It is for this reason that you notice that the outdoor unit of an air conditioner produces heat, just as one can feel the heat in the back of a refrigerator.
When we reverse this movement and we move the heat located outside the habitat to bring it inside and thus heat a room, then we call it a heat pump.
Some devices are capable of carrying out the 2 circuits alternately, to heat in winter and cool in summer, we then speak of “reversible” air conditioners.

The different types of air conditioners

There are 2 types of air conditioners

  • split air conditioner

It consists of 2 devices connected by a sheath: the indoor air conditioner (it is fixed to the wall in the room and its design is generally designed to make it as discreet as possible) and the outdoor unit of the air conditioner (including motor and fan and whose design often leaves something to be desired).

  • Monobloc air conditioner

It consists of a single device, which can be fixed or mobile, and it is connected to an evacuation duct which, as its name suggests, allows the heat to be evacuated outside the room. This requires connecting the duct to an exhaust duct, or failing that, connecting it to the outside of the room via a door or a half-open window.
The split air conditioner is less simple to install but it has a much higher cooling power than the monobloc air conditioner which can only cool a small room.

Advantages and disadvantages of air conditioners

  • Advantage: The comfort of a cool room even in summer

The undeniable advantage of air conditioning is to enjoy a room at a regulated temperature. Much appreciated in the summer and in the sunniest regions, the air conditioning allows you not to suffer from the heat and to enjoy a habitat at the ideal temperature even when the mercury flies away outside.

  • Disadvantage: The noise of the motor and the air conditioning fan

The air conditioner needs a motor (the compressor) and a fan to operate. However, these two elements make a lot of noise and that is why if we appreciate the comfort provided by the air conditioning, we often criticize it for being painful for the ears… Whose ears? It depends on the chosen air conditioner.
The monobloc air conditioner is especially noisy for the ears of the one who is in the room, because then the motor and the fan are located next to him, inside the apartment. In addition, if you have to leave the window open to pass the duct, then the noise from the street will be added which can be more or less annoying depending on the case.
Conversely, the split air conditioner is more discreet in the home. It makes less noise inside because the motor is deported outside the house. But it is also for this reason that it generally appeals less to neighbors who may complain about the noise it produces in the outside environment.
Pay attention to this aspect when choosing your air conditioner, and be aware that there are also casings for outdoor air conditioners that can reduce noise.

  • Disadvantage: the device is rather ugly

Whether split or one-piece, let's be honest, nothing is more unsightly than an air conditioning motor. Placed on a balcony, the outdoor air conditioner considerably disfigures the terrace area. Suspended under a window, air conditioning like a wart and inevitably spoils the view of the facade of the house or building. And the more air conditioning installed… the worse it is obviously for the decor!
Fortunately, there are now casings for outdoor air conditioners, in wood or metal, which hide the air conditioning and thus make it possible to preserve the aesthetics of facades and balcony-terraces.

  • Disadvantage: an air conditioning, it consumes

Any electrical appliance consumes electricity and air conditioners are no exception. They are also accused of contributing to global warming, which may seem counterproductive for a device that also fights heat!
You can minimize these two negative aspects by choosing a more efficient model. To do this, compare the energy labels that classify air conditioning units according to their energy efficiency, and choose the most efficient.

  • Disadvantage: regular maintenance of the air conditioning is necessary

An air conditioning unit must be regularly checked and maintained, this guarantees proper operation, healthy air, and this avoids overconsumption or noise pollution due to clogged circuits. It is therefore advisable to clean the filters, the condensation tray, the grids, the fan, at least once a year.
During installation, it is thus necessary to ensure that the device remains accessible and manipulable to allow its maintenance.
Annual maintenance by a professional is even a legal obligation if the installation contains more than 2kg of refrigerant and its power exceeds 12kWh.

As we can see, air conditioning offers a very precious comfort of life but has some disadvantages that can put off.

So how do you make air conditioning more discreet?
How to reduce the noise of an air conditioner?
And how to protect your air conditioning from children's games?

You should know that these problems can be solved, partially or totally, thanks to formwork designed specifically for air conditioning.


To solve the problems of nuisance caused by the installation of air conditioning, there are now very attractive air conditioner covers . Designed for outdoor units of air conditioners containing the motor, they are designed to withstand bad weather and allow:

Hide the air conditioner to beautify the view

A pretty piece of furniture with shutters is positioned all around the air conditioning unit and thus makes it disappear from your sight under a designer covering.

Aluminum, white, gray or wood metal, you can choose the color and finish you like for the air conditioning box . Wooden formwork can also be used as is, in their beautiful exotic wood finish, or painted or stained in the Pantone shade of your choice for a look that is perfectly in line and in harmony with the rest of your decoration.

Reduce air conditioning noise

The air conditioning cover also constitutes a soundproof box which makes it possible to reduce the noise pollution produced by the air conditioner by around 10 to 30%. A significant advantage for a formwork that insulates sound without disturbing the operation of the air conditioning and its ventilation thanks to the shutters which allow a good circulation of the incoming and outgoing air.

Protect the air conditioner located outside

Located outside the home, the air conditioner is exposed. Using an air conditioner cover protects the unit from the vagaries of the weather and reduces the risk of vandalism.

If the air conditioner is located on the ground, within reach of children, the air conditioning cover can also be used to protect it from the games of children who could try to slip their little fingers, sticks or pebbles into it, which could have serious consequences. With an air conditioning cover, you are much more serene.

Convince your co-pro or the co-ownership trustee to install air conditioning

Do you want to install air conditioning in your apartment but the co-ownership does not want to give its consent because some co-owners find that it is visually poor in quality and that it will degrade the aesthetics of the facade?

Suggest that they install designer air conditioner covers. This could well tip in your favor the vote of co-owners, seduced by the idea of comfort but who hesitated for aesthetic or noise reasons.

Find peace with neighbors who complain about the noise of the air conditioning

If your neighbors complain about the noise generated by your outdoor air conditioner, the installation of an air conditioning cover could well allow you to find peace of mind. Installing an air conditioning cover can significantly reduce the noise generated by the device. Your neighbors will appreciate it. Moreover, this will show them that you are making goodwill efforts without this representing too heavy an investment on your part since there are now really cheap and quality air conditioning covers from €289 including tax.

hide air conditioning


If you want your air conditioning cover to give you full satisfaction and last for many years, you must however pay attention to certain criteria when buying it:

The location of the air conditioner outside

Depending on where the device will be positioned, you will not be subject to the same constraints and this will impact the choice of your air conditioning cover. The first thing is therefore to know where the air conditioner you want to form is located.
If it is placed on the ground against a wall, you will not have any specific problem, but if it is not against a wall, then you will have to opt for an air conditioning cover which also hides the back of the device.
And if your air conditioner is hung on the wall, high up, then you will have to choose an air conditioning cover that rather hides the underside of the air conditioner.

Air conditioning unit size: height, width, depth

  • A small air conditioning cover

The smaller the air conditioning cover, the more discreet it is. In addition, it will take up less space and be less expensive than a larger format formwork. For all these reasons, we recommend that you choose the size that best fits your air conditioner. Be careful, however, to always take into account the 3 dimensions of your device in the calculation: height, width, depth, to be sure that the air conditioning cover can cover it on all sides.

  • A large air conditioning cover

But when you have a large air conditioning unit, or even several units to hide, you have to choose a larger air conditioning cover. For larger installations, a brand like Decoclim even makes it possible to combine several air conditioning covers, by superimposing them or placing them side by side.

  • Find the right size air conditioning cover

To be sure not to make a mistake and to buy the most suitable air conditioning cover for the size of your device, you can use the free online tool that we have developed for this. Simply enter the height, width and depth of your device in millimeters, and our simulator will then automatically recommend the most suitable air conditioning cover size for your air conditioner. To access this tool, simply click on the gray strip located just below the main menu of the site.

Which material to choose for its air conditioner cover?

  • Wood

Wood is a robust and natural material that blends perfectly into an outdoor environment and therefore knows how to be discreet on a terrace, in a garden, at the edge of a swimming pool or on a facade. If you choose a wooden air conditioning cover, remember to look at the quality of the wood species (eucalyptus, for example, is a high quality rot-proof exotic wood) and also check if the furniture is already treated or if it will be necessary to treat it yourself so that it is resistant to UV rays from the sun and rain.
And for the preservation of the environment and nature, also check if the wood comes from eco-managed forests. This is the case with FSC-certified wood.

  • Metal: Aluminum, stainless steel..

Metal air conditioning covers offer a more modern and contemporary look and are extremely solid, provided that their screws are also of high quality. The Decoclim aluminum air conditioning covers, for example, are 100% aluminum and their screws are made of stainless steel. As a result, they are guaranteed for 10 years and will always remain as beautiful for many years.

  • PVC plastic

There are also plastic or PVC air conditioning covers. Admittedly, these air conditioning covers are not expensive, but they are also of low quality and we do not recommend them because behind a starting price which may seem attractive, it must be borne in mind that they will deteriorate quickly, and that it will therefore be necessary to change them more quickly.

Colours: for an air conditioning cover to match your decor

We don't all have the same tastes in terms of decoration and designer air conditioning covers come in different colors:

  • White : for a clean look
  • Grey : for a modern look
  • Made-to-measure in black, green, blue, yellow … Wooden air conditioning covers can be painted or stained in the color you prefer, to blend in better with your decor.

Quality of the air conditioning cover

  • Weather treatment

Rain, sun, wind, snow, the air conditioning cover being permanently located outside the house, we advise you to choose a product designed to withstand all weathers so that it remains beautiful for a long time.

  • Guarantee

The manufacturer's warranty is also a good indicator of the quality level of the air conditioning cover. The more the manufacturer commits itself to the long term, the more it is a good sign.

  • Customer reviews

It is always instructive to read customer reviews to get an idea of the product. We often learn a lot about the quality of the product itself as well as the quality of the service and the seriousness of the company.

Installation and maintenance

  • Speed of installation

The air conditioning covers delivered as a kit to be assembled are obviously less expensive, but it is important to check that they will be easy to assemble and quick to install, especially if you have no tools at home.
Ability to access the device for maintenance
Air conditioners need regular maintenance to ensure their longevity. You must therefore ensure that the air conditioner cover that you install will be removable simply to be able to access the device.

  • Service

Fast, reliable, free delivery
It took you a long time to choose the product, so now you want to receive it quickly, that's normal. However, be aware that air conditioning covers arriving from China will take a long time to be delivered, and that the cost of delivery can significantly increase the overall bill, while Decoclim, for example, delivers to you for free in 24 to 48 hours maximum anywhere in France.
French support in case of problem
The advantage of a French company is also the possibility of speaking to someone in French in case of doubt or question. When you have a problem it is not negligible.

The price :

Obviously the price is an important criterion of choice when you have a limited budget. Here are some tips to help you find a cheaper air conditioning cover, although we recommend that you always be as suspicious as possible about the quality of the products in order to avoid disappointment.
In particular, you can turn to websites, take advantage of manufacturers' destocking, buy second-hand or even make an air conditioning cover yourself if you are an expert in DIY for a really inexpensive air conditioning cover.
But be aware that for a professional quality product, it is always better to contact a specialist.


The air conditioner hangs on the high wall

If your air conditioner is suspended on the facade, under a window for example, then we advise you to choose a secure attachment system that also allows it to be easily removed for maintenance of the device. The Decoclim air conditioning cover, for example, is easily hung and unhooked, much like a painting.
But opt for a model that can also hide the underside of the air conditioner if it is positioned high up so that the rendering is pretty if you look up.

The air conditioner is placed on the ground on a balcony, a terrace, in a courtyard or a garden

  • The air conditioner is placed against a wall

If your air conditioner is placed on the ground, on the balcony or in a garden, then you do not need to cover the underside of the device. A simple 3-sided air conditioner cover will be sufficient and very quickly installed. It is not even necessary to fix it to the wall if that seems superfluous to you.

  • The air conditioner is not placed against a wall and you can see the back of the unit

If your air conditioning unit is not against a wall, however, it will be necessary to choose a 4-sided air conditioning cover, including one side that will also cover the back of the unit for impeccable dressing on all sides. Naturally, in these cases the air conditioning cover must provide a passage space for the evacuation duct.

Tutorial for mounting an air conditioning cover as a Decoclim kit

Because pictures often explain much better than words, here is the tutorial below to mount a Decoclim air conditioning cover in less than 5 minutes.

Can easily remove the air conditioning cover for maintenance of the device

We don't always think about it at the time of purchase, but when the time comes for maintenance, removing the Decoclim air conditioning cover is as simple and quick as taking down a painting. And it replaces just as easily.