Façade, garden, terrace, swimming pool... Don't let an ugly air conditioning motor or heat pump ruin the beauty of your outdoor spaces. Decoclim is installed in less than 5 minutes and allows you to instantly find the harmony of your decoration.

støjdæmpende boks til varmepumpe, i aluminium eller træ
støjdæmpende boks til varmepumpe, i aluminium eller træ
støjdæmpende boks til varmepumpe, i aluminium eller træ

Soundproof box for heat pump, in aluminum or wood

æstetisk kabinet til varmepumpe eller udendørs klimaanlæg
æstetisk kabinet til varmepumpe eller udendørs klimaanlæg
æstetisk kabinet til varmepumpe eller udendørs klimaanlæg

Aesthetic casing for heat pump or outdoor air conditioner

design aluminiumsboks til varmepumpe
design aluminiumsboks til varmepumpe
smukt gråt aluminiums klimaanlæg

Design aluminum box for heat pump

Decoclim Design CAP Shelter
Decoclim Design CAP Shelter
Decoclim Design CAP Shelter

Decoclim Design CAP Shelter

design aluminiumsboks til varmepumpe
smukt gråt aluminiums klimaanlæg
smukt gråt aluminiums klimaanlæg

Nice gray aluminum air conditioning cover

dekorativt klimaanlæg i træ
Hvidt klimadæksel
eksotisk træ deco klimaanlæg dæksel
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Designer air conditioning cover in exotic wood DECOCLIM

diskret hvidt klimadæksel

Design aluminum air conditioner cover, aluminum or white color

designer dæksel til udvendigt klimaanlæg
hvid pool pumpe dæksel

Exterior design air conditioning cover for all configurations

klimaanlæg i aluminium design
hvordan man skjuler varmepumpen
kommercielt udendørs klimaanlæg dæksel

Design heat pump cover

deco aluminium klimaanlæg dæksel
Airconditiondæksel i aluminium

Decoclim design heat pump cover

havevarmepumpe dæksel
diskret varmepumpedæksel
attraktiv hvid terrasse klimaanlæg dæksel

Decorative air conditioning cover Decoclim

dekorativt træ varmepumpe dæksel
Diskret pool pumpe dæksel
deco varmepumpe dæksel

Decoclim decorative air conditioning cover

designer udvendig motordæksel
udvendigt klimaanlæg

Nice Decoclim aesthetic air conditioner cover

stort smukt klimaanlæg i træ
Billig klimadæksel
cache klimaanlæg deco ophængt facade
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Decoclim design swimming pool pump shelter

cache clim suspendu sur le mur

Air conditioning cover hung on the wall in front

Are you looking for a design air conditioning cover to hide your air conditioning or your unsightly heat pump and embellish the view of your facade, your garden, or your balcony?
Decoclim is a high-quality decorative formwork that will allow you to enjoy your air conditioning without it spoiling the beauty of your outdoor spaces , regardless of where the device is placed.

A decorative casing to hide the air conditioner placed on the terrace or balcony

If your outdoor air conditioner is placed against a wall , then we recommend the 4-sided Decoclim cabinet. Thanks to its neat aesthetics, your guests will take it for a decorative storage unit without suspecting that it houses and camouflages an air conditioning unit.

A designer air conditioning cover to hang to hide the wall-mounted air conditioner under a pretty casing

If your outdoor air conditioner is hung under the front window, or hung high up on the wall , Decoclim recommends a 5-sided air conditioning cover that hides the sides and top of the unit… but also the bottom! That way, if you look up to the skies, you won't see anything of the ugly device, not even its underside.

The design formwork also covers the back of the outdoor air conditioner or the swimming pool pump

If your air conditioning or your heat pump is not positioned against a wall and you also need to hide the back of the device , as is often the case for a swimming pool pump, then Decoclim advises you its "Rear side" accessory. In this way, your device will be protected from all sides in its designer casing .

A beautiful outdoor air conditioner cover in wood or aluminum

Decoclim formwork for air conditioning is available in different noble materials:

  • Exotic rot-proof eucalyptus wood, for a natural decoration
  • 100% Aluminum, for a resolutely modern style

In terms of colors, Decoclim also offers different shades:

  • air conditioning cover in anthracite gray aluminum for a contemporary look
  • white air conditioning cover for a sleek style
  • and you can paint or stain our exotic wood air conditioning cover in the pantone color of your choice if you wish.

It is already very pretty as it is but it is an interesting possibility for a tailor-made result , if you want the air conditioning cover to blend in completely with your decor by adopting a tone on tone with the color of your facade, for example.

A decorative air conditioning cover to your measure to find visual harmony

Our design air conditioner cover is available in several sizes , from the smallest to the largest, so that you are sure to find the product that best suits your needs. To find out which one you need, simply enter the dimensions (height, width, depth in mm) of your air conditioning unit in our online tool located under the menu, and you will get the recommended Decoclim size.

A high-end air conditioning enclosure that stays beautiful for a long time

Our decorative covers are designed for outdoor use for many years. They are made with high quality materials, are anti-rust, anti-UV, their screws are made of stainless steel and you can be reassured: their neat design will not deteriorate over time.
This is why our aluminum air conditioning cover is guaranteed for 10 years. A guarantee of quality that proves our commitment to the quality of our products.
And if on delivery you are not fully satisfied with the product, we undertake to take it back. You have 14 days to change your mind.